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Shirt of the week

Edinho - Brasil (Brasil)

ROMARIO - Brasil - Vasco

Additional Details:

Number: 11
Colour: White Home
Sleeve: Short
Season Start Year: 2005
Season End Year: 2005
Badge1: Romario Signature Badge
Badge2: Romario 1985-2005 Badge
Trademark: Umbro
Others: Match Worn, Unwashed, Signed, Game Detail.
Match: Vasco v Paysandu 20th November 2005

 This shirt is one of the best ever. It was worn in the game stated and remains unwashed. The shirt is special in the way that Romario was the only player in the team to have his name on the back of the shirt. In addition, to mark his 20 years at the club, it has a signature badge on the front and a 1985-2005 badge on the back, again exclusive to him. These shirts were never available commercially. This shirt has also been signed by the player with a message.
For Archie