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Shirt of the week

Edinho - Brasil (Brasil)

RONALDO - Brasil - Brasil

Additional Details:

Number: 9
Colour: Blue Away
Sleeve: Short Sleeved
Season Start Year: 2003
Season End Year: 2004
Badge1: World Cup Qualifier
Trademark: Nike
Match: Columbia v Brasil - 7th September 2003

 This shirt arrived some time after the match it was used for, so I can't be sure if it was worn or a spare. It came from the same source as all the muddy unwashed ones, and signed ones, so it is likely to have been worn. However as it came from stock way after the match, it is not right to confirm this without question, as one of the two shirts from the game.
 The shirt is of great design. It is a material that sweat would not cling to, it also has a mesh at the bottom to give greatest comfort for the player. Shirts used by Brasil after this design are nowhere mear as good as this one.
For Archie