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Shirt of the week

Edinho - Brasil (Brasil)

HUNTELAAR - Italy - A.C. Milan

Additional Details:

Number: 11
Colour: Red / Black Home
Sleeve: Cut Sleeves
Season Start Year: 2009
Season End Year: 2010
Badge1: Lega Calcio
Badge2: 7x Champions League
Trademark: Adidas
Sponsor: bwin
Others: Match Worn, Game Detail, One Off Special Shirt, Unwashed.
Match: A.C Milan v Catania 11th April 2010

 This shirt highlights the quality you can get from Italy at the moment. When Milan ran out of short sleeved shirts, some players used long sleeved shirts where the sleeves had been roughly cut off. It wasn't common, but it did happen for a few players in a few matches. This one is different however and had had the sleeves sewn rather than roughly cut to make a better job of it. If you trawl through the websites, it is difficult to find a shirt like this. As well as being unique in the sleeves, it came to me straight after the match and was muddy and unwashed.
 There was great confusion when my contact offered me this shirt. He got it straight after the game, sent me the pictures and the first thing I did was let him know the pictures I found from the match was him wearing normal short sleeves with a red edge. He could not believe it as he had just picked it up and it took us both two hours to find pictures from the game showing him wearing this shirt. He wore a normal short sleeved shirt for one half, and this one for the other.
For Archie