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Shirt of the week

Edinho - Brasil (Brasil)

SILVA - England - Manchester City

Additional Details:

Number: 21
Colour: Sky Blue Home
Sleeve: Short Sleeved
Season Start Year: 2010
Season End Year: 2011
Badge1: Premier League Badges
Trademark: Umbro
Sponsor: Etihad Airways
Others: Match Worn, Game Detail

 These Man City shirts are of superb quality. Design wise, not quite as good as last season, but still a very good shirt. Man City shirts have proved fairly easy to get hold of over the last few seasons, but still good to get hold of such a quality shirt.
 Great shirt, but tons around, so be careful of the ones that come with bullshit attached to them. This is one of the few that definately came with game detail. Most don't, so be careful.
For Archie